Obsessing about your internal customers

What engages and motivates people to do a good job? How can organisations get the best out of their people? There can be little doubt that employee engagement is the issue of the moment for organisations.  Employers are starting to look closely at it with a fresh conviction and sense of purpose.  However few really understand what it is and how to build an engaging and positive culture that directly impacts the bottom line. Indeed there is substantial evidence suggests there is a serious shortfall in levels of engagement in the workplace.  A recent Gallup survey showed that less than 25% of UK employees are engaged with their job. This will become even more significant for companies as the economy continues to pick up and retaining top talent becomes a key issue.

Engagement, going to the heart of the workplace relationship between employee and employer, can be a key to unlocking productivity and to transforming the working lives of many people for whom Monday morning is an especially low point of the week.

This presentation will look at the key drivers of employee engagement and give you practical tips on what you can do in your own organisation to build a positive and engaging culture which attracts the best people to come and work for you.

Location: The Lab Date: 22nd March 2017 Time: 11:50 am - 12:20 pm Richard Roberts