Sarah Smith

Having sold her shareholding in Response One in October 2008, Sarah decided to work as a marketing consultant for a number of different companies – from a dynamic online retailer to a very successful cookery school.

Sarah is a savvy strategist and a natural leader. Appreciated for her vision, drive and sense of fun, her passion and enthusiasm is simply contagious.

Having co-founded Response One in 1998, she brought with her a wealth of experience from her early years at McCann Erickson and Colleagues Direct Marketing, as well as a stint on the sales side for Granada Television

Sarah is a strong ‘people person’ and thrives when working in a team. She constantly looks for ways to anticipate clients’ ongoing needs and was a very popular principal on many accounts. She was brilliant to work with and inspired everyone who worked closely with her.

She will ensure all of your wellbeing on the day.