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Creative Bath are one of the kind supporters of Inspire 2017!

If you don’t know Creative Bath,  as the name suggests, they’re all about bringing Bath’s creative types together. Creative Bath aims to promote and support the creative industries in Bath and the surrounding areas to facilitate growth and development.

Anybody can join – the way they see it, if you regard yourself as creative then, you are. Their members include not only people and businesses from film, music, publishing and new media backgrounds, but also lawyers, furniture makers, writers, engineers, designers, the list goes on…

They host lots of fab events throughout the year from informal pub quizzes (which are a blast) to larger KeyNotes with stand-out people from the Creative sector.

Creative Bath

Here’s what Creative Bath aims to do:

  • Bring together the disparate, inspiring, independent creative businesses and individuals of Bath and the surrounding area
    Provide a voice for Bath’s creative industries, identifying and articulating its needs
    Promote the economic and cultural importance of Bath’s creative industries to local and regional organizations
    Promote Bath as a great place for creativity to thrive, attracting new businesses and workers
    Provide support through opportunities for training, business support and access to funding
    Strengthen communication and develop partnerships between Bath’s creative businesses and people by providing a forum both on the website and at our events

Sarah Stenning

sarah stenning

Having run her own successful business, Sarah has a keen eye for detail, cracks all things logistical and possesses an innate curiosity in what makes people tick – all essential components in the quest to co-ordinate the logistics of the Inspire Programme.   Her passion for supporting people will enable her to look after your well being on the day.

Ian Clutterbuck

ian small

Ian has a creative eye and is a technical whizz when it comes to viewing things from behind a lens. Ian will be capturing the Inspire experience so that you don’t miss a thing on the day.

Chris Day

chris day rectangle

Chris’ instinct for unusual things means that he will be using his beady eye to capture information from our speakers in a more engaging, memorable and fun way. As a cartoonist extraordinaire, it’s definitely worth leaving any fake moustaches at home as he may well be drawing you!

Katie Wake


As an original founder of Moorish, voted one of the 21 best street foods you must try before you die, Katie has been making Middle Eastern inspired feasts for small gatherings and large festivals across the South West for the last three years. She uses the best British, seasonal ingredients to create generous sharing bowls, beautiful dips and sweet treats that are light, delicious and naturally indulgent.